Friday, April 29, 2011

Modern Mormon Men: Mumford & Sons

Modern Mormon Men: Mumford & Sons: "by Seattle Jon ( bio ) Every time Mumford & Sons' The Cave comes on in the car, I crank it up and sing loudly off-tune."

Love this Blog, and now I love this song!

Friday, April 8, 2011

I just wanted to see my cool new signature on my blog. Oh! and I'm going to get a whole new font for my blog! I'm excited : ) how did I eveer get this addicted??


I can't sleep. Maybe it's because I'm worried about money or because I took a whole bunch of stuff to get rid of my 'lady pains' and they made me really hyper. Anyways, I got a really good idea to help tide us over till I graduate from CGCC beginning of May and can get a real job
I've done it before-- I sold these amazing homemade oreo-type cookies (2 chocolate cookies with cream cheese frosting in the middle) that area absolutely addicting in Junior high and I made pretty good money. I figure college students have just as bad a sweet tooth now. It was either cookies or 10 minute back massages for $5 in the green room.

I feel bad for Curtis--he get stressed out a lot by money and then he gets grumpy and upset that I don't seem as worried as he is. I worry just as much, if not more, that he does; but I have a very different way of showing it.
For example: when we got into bed he started griping about how I won't have a real job and every idea I had he found a flaw in--I would never last at University of Phoenix because I'm too sensitive and would cry every time someone yelled at me on the phone (which is only a slight possibility!), or I'll never be able to find a new family to nanny for.
So I said, "I've never been a waitress before," and he's like "No. Way."
I couldn't help it! : ]

Naw, in reality Curtis has comforted and tickled and teased my worries and tears away many, many times since we've been married, and I couldn't ask for a better life. But my goodness he makes me jealous; that man can fall asleep faster than anyone I know!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is the time when Mom and I would go out to the garden in our scruffies and plant all the beautiful, colorful springy flowers we got from Lowes. I miss that! I can't wait till I can plant those cute little flowers in my own garden--but by the time i get to do that I'll probably be planting hardy summer flowers. Oh well! I still like those too : )

I can just feel like cool dirt between my toes and working its way into my fingernails. I hate wearing shoes and gloves in the garden--I feel like you lose a lot of the connection when you wear them. That must be the hippie from Mom coming out in me ; ) You should see the peasant tops she made!! This is kind of what one looks like

Now I really want to go get them and wear them!!
Now I want to go to anthropology and buy those cute bowls... OK this post is making me want to spend money that will be very scarce soon seeing as I won't have a job after next week.
Yeah, I knew this was coming. Jill finally got a new job which will allow her to be home much earlier and spend more time with Sof and Lena. I'm soooo happy about that--they really really miss her--but that means there's not much point in me  coming for 3 hours on monday and tuesday and 1 hour on tuesday and school schedule is very limiting right now. 

But come May 13th, I will no longer be going to school on a campus ever, ever again!! (Hopefully.)
I'll be going to University of Phoenix for Elementary Education and it will be online only!! If I take 2 classes at a time (they only last 5 weeks) I can be finished with my Bachelors in 2 years, go into an extern-ship at a school for 3 months and be able to Substitute at a CTA school (yay!) for a couple of days a week if that will be enough for us : )
I'n not sure if this will happen before or after the extern-ship & job, but then it'll only take a year to get my Masters degree! yaaay for continuing education!

Curtis is trying  to bribe me out of a baby with a trip to Germany next year to visit Birte and Nora; but I feel like although that would be the most amazing trip ever, I'm not sure if it's right to put off starting a family for--I'm pretty sure we'll be mostly ready for a kid by then : p
 this is Birte and Nicolas : ) I'm tyring to get a picture of Nora up but Facebook is being dumb.

I wish Curtis was just a little bit baby hungry! But perhaps I'm baby hungry enough for the both of us...
We're going on a group date with Megan & Andy and this other couple-I've only met the husband since he's in choir with me-who's pregnant. 5 months and it's a girl. I am so jealous, I'm afraid I'll literally turn green when I meet her!

Did I mention I keep hanging up stuff in our apartment and Curtis keeps getting mad at me for putting more holes in the wall? I just can't help it! He won't hang up the adorable coat hanger I got, just for him from anthropology, by the front door. Though even then I'm not sure he would use it. I sure would : ]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 love that man : )

 the in-laws!

 lindy having a blast at my b-day

 that's Meg!

 Brett entertaining us

 sweet Smelly!!

 Scooty Scooty shake your booty ; )

 Postie : )

 I love these pics of me and Stash!

 Mase and Brett entranced by the Maze-ball. All the grown-up guys liked it too lol

 Mason's Hangurber cake : p

 Mom is amazing : )
So I basically suck at giving Curtis presents. He always gets me these amazing gifts and I can never top or even match them!! But i think I've found a pretty good one for his Birthday this coming Sunday. Just in case he meanders onto this post I won't say what it is!! : ]

Nothing New...Except my iPod Touch!

Yes, I finally have a cool toy!! I'll put some pictures up so you can see how awesomely fun it is : ) And I'm no longer a teenager! How cool is that??

That's about the only new thing, though. We still haven't got the house, I'm not pregnant, and I'm still sick. My doc thinks it's allergies-I also could have mold in the apartment. Great stuff huh?

A couple days ago I went on a small junk-food binge because I just couldn't stay away from it any longer. So, naturally, I've regressed and my cough has gotten a bit worse. I told Curtis not to let me eat any more nerds or swiss rolls but it turned out the only way for me to stop was to eat them. All. well, Curtis helped with the swiss rolls. Darn you Wonka and little Debbie snacks!!

I miss Grandma a lot. Not as much as Grandpa--even though he's doing pretty well. He just needs to stay busy and that's what the family has been helping him with. That means hard wood floor in his living room and hallway. : ) I haven't seen it yet but i love the wood-floor look and he likes it a lot.

I'm eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and soon I will watch Dollhouse. I can't believe there's only 2 seasons!! : (