Thursday, February 23, 2012

Well, then...

I know, I need to start blogging again. My sisters have gotten on my case lately, and I understand, because I do the same thing to them when they don't post anything new!

It's just that life is pretty busy without being interesting, and whenever something cool or fun happens, I NEVER remember to take pictures! And who like to read about the super awesome cupcakes I made to the ward Valentines party, and then never know that they looked like?? Lame.

So, I have decided that until I have big news to tell everyone, or until I actually take some pictures with my awesome iPhone 4s, I doubt I will be posting anything anytime soon. Bleh.

But I will tell you the fun/funny thing I did to Curtis' facebook today! OK I just realized it's pretty lame. I figured out his email and password and FINALLY switched his profile to the timeline. Now it's easier to read and it look cooler, like a blog!

Yeah, really lame. lol
Oh! I just remembered, I have some cute pictures and videos of Lawson playing in his soccer game! But I'll have to do that later, when I can find my USB cord and download the pictures :) be patient with me, I am just getting back in the swing of things!! Oh, and I also have documentation of me and Curtis at the Kats Korner, actually having fun!! Now I just wish he'd admit he had fun and come again :(