Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Stuff

Oh my goodness lol I was on my cousin Bethany's blog (who, by the way is very cute and pregnant!) and i saw that she had commented on my first blog i ever made- it was for my high school club Young Republicans! we never really did anything haha

Just reading it brought flashbacks of that! it was actually pretty funny : p The last post was right after Obama had won the primary and--well, you might as well read it there!!

p.s. How do you delete a blog??

Sunday, August 1, 2010


ARRRGGHH!! I'm so pathetic! I want to be prego so bad!! it's my own fault for feeling this way--I've been reading everyone's pregnant blogs tonight.
I even went online and looked for pregnancy stories!
It's just so depressing knowing that we won't even be trying for kids till I'm done with school, student teaching, and have a job.
But I've always wondered why we should wait till I have a job--I'll only have to leave once I'm prego.

I know, I know, we've only been married for 7 months you say--but I feel like we've been married forever! And the most important thing to me is having a family and being a mom. And I'd never want to be working with my first kid at home--NOT an option.

I see where Curtis is coming from, making us wait, since there is so much uncertainty about his job future and how easy it will be for us to get pregnant; and then there's the actual baby, and the expenses with it!

I just feel incomplete, ya know? I never expected to get married at 18, so I never thought I'd have to wait sooo long to have a baby!! But as I've come to realize, plans for life never really work out the way they do on paper.

Random: I can't wait for Curtis' friends to get married.

Baaaaahhhhh....I should go to bed. This all could be just hormones ranting tonight. But I still want a baby! I want to have a little Curtis around--to have a gorgeous baby to brag about to everyone, and to take pictures, and hold, and kiss, and just love!!

Goodness, I am hopeless!