Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Chunk named Austin

I have so many more pictures to put up from our amazing (and quick) spring break trip to Utah to see meet Austin and see as many people that we could!

And yes Curtis and Austin, that fan is very interesting... : P I sure love my boys!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Front Porch

This is what I see every time I come home or go out, and it makes me smile every time!

I found this treasure at a trailer park yard sale on the way to lunch with a girlfriend. We had such a fun time looking at all the incredible stuff these people had been hoarding! This here is actually an ash-tray with 2 cup holders--what i put the flowers in : ]
It was 5 bucks!

My petunias! I had to steal dirt from the bare spots in the complex lawn to plant these. I've decided that's the most awkward thing to steal.

Since I can only publish 2 pictures at a time...

This amazing cake stand you see here was made by my mother! Made! and the picture is supposed to only have the bottom of us showing.

A nice view of the table from the kitchen

Finally, Some Pictures of the Apartment!

This is Mom's lovely chair that her living room grew out of : )
It was an adventure getting it up there, but soo worth it! Mom is so generous!

A close-up of the amazing crackle job Curtis did on the table. I sure love that guy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Ok so Curtis surprised me the other day by finding his camera! I've been nagging him for a while to get it out of storage. But now i don't know where the charger cord is!!

But that's ok, because we have a small apartment to look through.

So I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have pictures up of my home!! It's so comfy!! Mom and our next door neighbor helped me bring up a big comfy chair from mom's, 3 flights! not an easy task, but we did it!

We saw Alice in Wonderland last night; I really liked it! Curtis thought it was ok--he was expecting something really big and wild, but I went in with no expectations whatsoever : )
And the Cheesecake Factory made me sick! I really thought I was going to vomit, which does not happen very often. But no biggie- the cheesecake was awesome!!

And I'm gonna put up some pictures of the 2 little girls I nanny too. They are adorable! I think I'll just double check with their mom that it's ok : )

Haha little Elena is on my lap right now trying to type for me and get my phone! She's such a good girl, and has quite a personality ha

So I'll get those pictures up asap!