Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here are just a few pictures of Lindy post-bath that i just love!

some overdue pictures of my girls I nanny and their cute hairstyles i find online

sofia with long hair

now her short hair! she rocks any style : )

elena being mischevious as usual

fun with clipies!

oh and Splash Mountain pics lol

alex made Ian ride in front for some reason and it took him a while to recover haha


Fake Running

Soooo instead of running that 5k, i was just in the Mindy Gledhill music video. I didn't get the memo that if you opted into the video there was a big chance you weren't gonna have time to run! But it was still way fun during the takes : ) I got to meet Stephanie Nielson and her 2 girls, and of course Mindy! And I made a lot of new friends too : ) here are some pictures i snapped while waiting between takes
Mindy & Me!

Stephanie's girls are so cute!


Accidental pic of the main guy that looks really cool actually...

Mindy's Shoes

Stephanie & Me! She is so incredibley nice!

oh and this is my narly bruise!! I ran into the coffee table at
Mike & Jeanne's house trying to beat up Curtis : ]