Wednesday, March 2, 2011

V-Day and the Sniffles

SO! I was going to write about our amazing surprise dinner at Fogo de Chou with Megan and Andy, but I think that's about all the energy I have for it. I'm sick, for the 100th time. Except it got pretty bad after I kept trying to keep up with everything. Yesterday was all trying to sleep through my fever and breathing through my snotty nose. Yuck, right?? 

I just need to take this whole week off to let myself recover already!! But it's totally gonna suck to go back to school and get caught up. 

But some good news--we might be able to just rent the house before we buy it so we can at least get in it!! The catch is that we still might not get it and then we'd have to move out. But hey, then we might find an even better house! : ) I'm determined to stay optimistic on this whole thing.

Ok, here comes a headache. Nap time!