Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day and Zombies

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope you all had as good a Valentines day as I did; we were only supposed to spend 10 dollars each, but we ended up spending 1000 all together! A TV and a laptop add up. I still kept the family tradition of making heart-shaped pancakes this morning! But we didn't have any baking powder, or buttermilk, or some good wheat flour... so I did some substitutions and they turned out all right! Ok, they were the heaviest pancakes I've ever tasted haha Curtis used his excuse of never being hungry in the morning to get out of eating them, so I ended up eating all of them.
Right now Curtis is watching I Am Legend, which I am currently avoiding. I first saw this movie in the theatre when we all went together as a family. But of course, we were there late and had to split up. Split up! So ended up sitting all by myself, in an aisle seat no less, and those memories are still strong. So no I Am Legend for me! I'll still probably have nightmares though; I can hear it. Dang you new TV with your ridiculously good speakers!!

But aside from that, we had a wonderful dinner with my family : ) We sure missed mom though! All of us girls are jealous that she gets all this time with Austin and we won't get to see him till probably summer : / I'm so glad his little shoulder isn't hurting him any more!!
Well, I'm going to try to sleep; tomorrow is a busy day and all, it being a holiday. We'll be going to the temple and then painting my new dining room table that Trisha, Curtis' sister found on a dumpster diving trip!! It's incredible; solid wood, just incredibly sturdy, and the most beautiful legs! Trisha sanded down the top (thank you so much!!) and I want to paint the legs green and the top a creamy color and then do a crackle on top. I can't wait! Trisha gave me all the ideas of course haha she is just as inventive and creative and driven as my mother!
Ok, I'll stop babbling now and hopefully be able to post some pictures of the table tomorrow with Curtis' camera, since I lost my baby Canon on the cruise : / sad story, but I've got to live with it!
So goodnight creepy New York and Zombies; hopefully you'll stay out of my dreams!!


  1. Cute blog Mali! You will probably get to see your adorable new nephew sooner than that! We love you!

  2. You are funny Mal!
    We need to come over to your house whenever we want to watch a movie from now on!
    Maybe someday we'll get a big t.v. instead of derek's lap top!


  3. Happy belated Valentine's Day! I am excited you guys have a blog! Here is ours, though I haven't posted in a while.
    Take care and hope to see you guys soon! Love, your sis in law Stacy Barney